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For the remainder of 2015 and early 2016, our team is focusing on two large initiatives: CSS HR/APS and IST. 


CSS HR/APS is now live in ServiceNow! Click here for the announcement.


On Wednesday, April 1, 2015, the IST-ServiceNow Project held its kick-off event with an enthusiastic and standing room only crowd at Dwinelle Hall. Approximately 90 attendees from Information Services & Technology (IST), Campus Shared Services (CSS), and members of the IT Leadership Group (ITLG) came to hear from project sponsors and team members about IST’s move to the ServiceNow platform for Incident Management.

The IST ServiceNow Project supports a primary goal of the IT Service Management (ITSM) initiative, to improve service and efficiencies through the use of standardized business processes and tools, including a single IST service management solution.

The scope of this initiative is to move Incident Management for all IST units from their current tracking systems (Footprints, Request Tracker, etc.) into ServiceNow by March, 2016.

The kick-off included a variety of speakers:

  • Shelly Kleinschrodt, Project Manager, opened the kick-off and welcomed our many guests.
  • Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor - IT & CIO, shared with the audience why we are going to use the ServiceNow platform, and emphasized IST’s partnership with Campus Shared Services (CSS), who already uses ServiceNow.
  • Peggy Huston, COO of CSS, spoke to the IST/CSS partnership, as well as the governance model that has emerged as a result of the CSS experience moving to and using the ServiceNow platform.
  • Jerry Yerardi, Director of CSS-IT, discussed the lessons learned from their implementation of ServiceNow, and shared the value of ServiceNow on campus.
  • Lyle Nevels, Assistant Vice Chancellor - IT & Deputy Chief Information Officer, emphasized the positive change that will result from the use of ServiceNow for campus IT, and introduced the new ITSM (IT Service Management) Director Daniel Peake, who just started in his position this week.
  • JR Schulden, Associate CIO for Administrative IT Systems - IST, talked about the benefits of bringing ServiceNow into the Administrative IT Systems group in IST, to best support the technical environment at the enterprise level.
  • Scott Hall, Manager and Architect of ServiceNow for UC Berkeley, gave a brief overview of the service.
  • Marlita Kahn, Functional Lead for the IST-ServiceNow project, explained the discovery process that was about to begin to get to one business process and workflow for IST.

The IST ServiceNow Team is working with process owners through the spring and will begin on-boarding to ServiceNow in late spring and through the summer. The goal is to have all IST units using ServiceNow for incident management by March of 2016.

It was an exciting moment when sponsors Larry Conrad and Lyle Nevels signed the IST ServiceNow Project Charter, with Peggy Huston and Jerry Yerardi close at hand.


IST ServiceNow Project Team

  • Project Sponsors: Larry Conrad, Lyle Nevels
  • Project Manager: Shelly Kleinschrodt
  • Technical Team: JR Schulden, Scott Hall, Justin Anonuevo, Aric Horstman, Bobby Cox, Tazo Stuart-Riascos, Iryna Donchishin, Tony Roybal, Jennifer D’Souza
  • Functional Team: Lyle Nevels, Marlita Kahn, Daniel Peake, Greg Chuck, Shelley Sweet, Anna Ewins, IST unit Footprints service administrators, IST unit service desk and Footprints users
  • Change Management Team: David Scronce, Anna Ewins, Shelley Sweet
  • Training and Communications Team: Lori Brooks, David Scronce, Ben Gold