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Why should I consider ServiceNow as a replacement for my current incident management system?

ServiceNow is an industry-leading solution for service delivery within large organizations. By joining the ServiceNow platform, you will realize the benefits of using a cutting edge platform to achieve a measurabley better customer experience in addition to improving collaboration with your service partners. 

Getting Help answers

Which browsers does ServiceNow Support?

The ServiceNow platform supports the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (7 and up) for Windows
  • Firefox (24.6 and up) for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Safari (5.0 and up) for Windows and Mac
  • The latest public release of Google Chrome for Windows and Mac
Is there an App for ServiceNow that I can use for my tablet and other mobile devices?

There is a dedicated App available via the iOS app store:

The ServiceNow platform also includes a mobile interface that is available via the web. From a mobile device, simply visit:

If ServiceNow is down, is there a back-up procedure for me to still receive IT support?

ServiceNow's data centers and cloud-based infrastructure have been designed to be highly available. This design includes redundancy and fault tolerance of the entire ServiceNow application and platform stack, including electrical, cooling, network, security, and server infrastructure.

In the unlikely event of an outage, please contact your CSS IT at 510-664-9000 or submit a ticket (requires CalNet authetication) to determine support options.

Are there pre-scheduled down times for ServiceNow?

Yes, there are pre-scheduled maintenance windows for the ServiceNow platform as new features and functionality are added. It is important to note that the ServiceNow platform will be available throughout all maintenance windows unless otherwise noted.

All planned maintenance, and service outages are posted to the system status page located at:

What are the hours I can expect to receive support for incidents I have pending in ServiceNow?

There are several organizations which utilize the ServiceNow platform. Please contact your local IT support group to determine the hours of operation for your organization.

Do I need a license to respond to ServiceNow emails?

If you are providing support via the ServiceNow tool, yes a license is needed.

If you are a simply replying to an email message as a customer, no license is needed.

As a customer who would I contact if ServiceNow is down?

In the event of an outage, please contact the Campus Shared Services IT main line at 510-664-9000.

How might I go about adding members to an assignment group that I own in ServiceNow?

To add or remove users from groups, you can use the Service Catalog. These two Knowledge Base articles will guide you through each process:

"How to remove a user from ServiceNow"

"How to remove a user from ServiceNow"

What is the expected turnaround for an incident that I submit in ServiceNow?

There are several organizations which utilize the ServiceNow platform. Please contact your local IT support group to determine service level agreements for your organization.

Training and Resources answers

Can I request training for my department?

We offer training as part of our onboarding process for teams joining the ServiceNow platform. End user training is also offered to specific audiences as processes are migrated into ServiceNow. There is presently no offering for standalone training, however we would love to hear from you if you have a need.